To Register

To apply for the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp

The Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp is sponsored by the Wisconsin Writers Association, co-sponsored by the Chicago Writers Association, and receives additional support from our Creative Co-Sponsors.

The Bookcamp is open to WWA and CWA Members as well as unaffiliated writers. Lodging accommodations are limited. Single rooms can only be guaranteed for the first 13 registrants. Double rooms also available.

Send no money now. Instead, send an email to Dave Rank, Bookcamp Director an email ( with the following information in the body of the email. No attachments please.

  1. The first two chapters or up to 25 pages of your manuscript (please send full chapters only).
  2. A cover letter with this information:
    1. Your full name, contact info (address and phone number), a brief bio paragraph centered on your writing background;
    2. The title and genre of your book, word length (actual or projected), the status of your book (outline only, mid-first draft, in final edit phase, etc.);
    3. Optional, mention any specific area of your book you want assistance on (such as improving plot, adding subplots, adding depth to characters, etc.). This will help us tailor the Bookcamp to better serve your needs.
  3. A one- or two-page synopsis of your book. Include plot summary with ending.

Upon reception of your application, we will notify you within five working days if your application is accepted. At that time we will ask for a $100 deposit to secure your place in the Bookcamp. At a later date we will contact you to arrange final payment for the rest of the registration fee.

Registration Fee Schedule  (includes $100 deposit):

Members of our sponsoring organizations, the Wisconsin Writers Association and the Chicago Writers Association, receive a discount, unless another special offer is in effect.

Refunds available until April 30, 2014.

Express Registration (limited to first 10 accepted applicants or July 15, 2013), no other discount offered

Single room-$1,285;

Double room, per person-$1,225.

Early Registration (July 16, 2013-December 31, 2013)

Single room, non-WWA or CWA member-$1,376;

Single room, WWA or CWA member-$1,326;

Double room, non-WWA or CWA member-$1,316;

Double room, WWA or CWA member-$1,266.

Late Registration (January 1-April 30, 2014)

Single room,  non-WWA or CWA member-$1,442;

Single room, WWA or CWA member-$1,382;

Double room,  $1,382, non-WWA or CWA member-$1,382;

Double room, WWA or CWA member-$1,332.

 Additional Registration Options (No Other Discounts Apply)

Commuter (Bookcamp Registration Fee/No Room-$966

2 Writers with 1 Registration (2 Registrants/Double Room)-$2,640 ($1,320 each)

Roommates Single Registration (Double Room, 1 Registrant/1 nonparticipant), $1,850 ($1,266+ $584)

To submit your application, $100 deposit, and/or the total registration fee:

Write checks to the Wisconsin Writers Association, Inc.

Postal Address: c/o Dave Rank, 831 S. Seventh Ave., West Bend, WI 53095

To learn more about the Bookcamp or to submit an application, Questions? Contact Dave Rank, Bookcamp Director, or call 262-717-5154.


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