Is This the Right Camp for Me?

Ready to invest in yourself at the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp?

Answer these questions . . .

  • Have you been working on a novel (maybe for a long time!)?
  • Do you feel that you need some experienced, individualized, professional guidance to make some key decisions?
  • Are you uncertain or confused about the best path to publication, given all the options available?
  • Are you trying to decide between self-publishing, finding a literary agent, seeking an indie-press, or other choices?
  • Do you write and take pride in learning the craft of storytelling in real depth?
  • Does the idea of setting aside six days to focus solely on your work-in-progress appeal to you?
  • Would working with our staff of professional writers, editors, and agents  likely advance your skills as a writer?
  • Are you truly committed to seeing your novel published in its best form and to its best potential?
  • Does the idea of an intensive week focusing on these matters sound like what you need to move forward . . . to turn your novel-in-progress to a soon-to-be-published work of outstanding fiction?

Then . . .

You are definitely ready for the challenge of the N-I-P Bookcamp.

The cost is less than you’d pay for a week-long, all-inclusive vacation. One registration fee includes room, board, special events, instruction, and coaching. The invaluable camaraderie and friendship you will develop with fellow writers is, of course, free. Flexible payment timetables, early registration discounts, and a variety of registration options make the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp accessible and affordable.

Welcome to the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp, designed to bring you a step closer to your goal. It’s time to sign up.

Whether just starting out on the journey to craft a book, nearly done with your first draft, or preparing that final edit, the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp can help you refine your writing skills.

Come . . .  join us for what may be the most productive six days of your writing career.

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Writers Association, co-sponsored by the Chicago Writers Association, with additional support provided by our Creative Co-Sponsors.


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