Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp postponed to 2014

With great sadness I must announce the Wisconsin Writers Association Board of Directors, of which I am a member, ruled on Feb. 28, 2013, to postpone our Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp to 2014.

There were two reasons why we decided not to hold the first Bookcamp this coming May 26-June 1:

The Board wanted to see a certain level of early registrations before we had to commit to the Bookcamp’s major expenditures, which would begin in March. We were 3 enrollees short, although there have been additional inquiries to indicate more registrants were likely in the coming months.

Still, the Board was willing to back this year’s Bookcamp until late last week the association experienced an unexpected expense, not involving the Bookcamp, which eliminated the Board’s ability to commit additional funds to this project in 2013.

Such is life with a nonprofit, volunteer organization.

I assure everyone who expressed interest and encouragement there remains significant support, enthusiasm, and determination from all of the Board members to continue developing our Bookcamp.

I remain committed to this project, and we will do all we can to see that the Bookcamp succeeds in 2014 with an even better program.

I would be pleased to hear comments or suggestions on how we can improve next year’s Bookcamp. You can contact me via email,

Keep an eye on this Facebook page and our website for updates on the 2014 Bookcamp.

I personally apologize for this unfortunate turn of events. All I can say is thank you for your support, best wishes, and good writing.

Dave Rank
WWA vice president


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