Why we offer this novel writing workshop

The Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Writers Association

For more than 60 years the not-for-profit Wisconsin Writers Association, Inc. has provided an inclusive fellowship for amateur and professional writers in all genres to encourage and further their creative writing skills. The WWA offers informational and educational services to our members and the general public, and provides our members with outlets for their writings, advice to improve their craft, publishing, and marketing their work.

In the last three years, the WWA has made a concerted effort to expand our efforts to serve our members and encourage writers everywhere. The Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp, sponsored by the Wisconsin Writers Association, is our latest effort to provide useful tools, services, and resources for writers at all levels of the craft.

In 1948 Robert E. Gard, director of Arts Development at the University of Wisconsin, founded what is now known as the WWA, then called the Wisconsin Rural Writers Association, to further literature and record folklore in Wisconsin. A year later, the WWA started what has become an annual tradition, our multi-category Jade Ring Writing Contests to encourage the creativity and craft of our members. More than 60 years later, the Jade Ring Contests continue that legacy, now also offering open categories for nonmembers.

In the 1960s, the name was changed to Wisconsin Regional Writers Association, and in 2011, our Board of Directors chose to shorten the name even more to Wisconsin Writers Association to better reflect our all-encompassing mission to promote the writing arts throughout the state.

Today, in addition to writing contests we provide annual conferences, our Creative Wisconsin Literary magazine, the Wisconsin Writers’ Newsletter, an online presence, and support and encouragement to local writing groups and literary festivals.

We believe our Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp is a worthwhile addition to that list of services and is in line with our stated purpose, “to encourage literary expression and appreciation for the arts, cultural aspects of Wisconsin life, preservation of the local history and folklore of the passing era, encouragement of all forms and genres of writing, and enrichment of our lives through education and worthy discussions about writing.”

For more information about the Wisconsin Writers Association, go to the website www.wiwrite.org, or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WIWrite.


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